Secure password generator

Choice of characters

Choice of characters depends on the requirements of the site where you will use the generated password. Almost all sites allow Latin alphabetic symbols (lower-case and upper-case) and digits in passwords; some ones also allow punctuation marks and special characters. Default setting here is to use lower- and upper-case letters and digits and not to use special characters; do not change it if you are not sure. If the all four checkboxes are unset, we apply the default setting.

Other settings

The next setting is for the persons who think a password without it looks ugly. It has meaning only if the above "Lower-case letters" checkbox is set; otherwise it is ignored.

A longer password is obviously stronger, but some sites have their own rules about length of passwords. Empty and non-numeric values are ignored (understood as sixteen), as well as values under eight. Also values over sixteen are considered as sixteen, because our hardware resources are limited.

Let it go

You can opt-in to save your settings into your browser. This will work only if cookies are not disabled at your side: check the privacy settings of your browser.

Clicking the "Generate password" button will change settings, generate a password and bring you to the next page with the generated password.

Clicking the "Change settings" button will change settings and bring you to the next page, but no password will be generated.

Clicking the "Restore settings" button will restore the default settings.

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